Ignorance is Bliss – Knowledge is Power

Ignorance | noun | ig·no·rance | \ˈig-n(ə-)rən(t)s\   : a lack of knowledge, understanding, or education : the state of being ignorant

Bliss | noun | \ˈblis\  : complete happiness

Knowledge | noun | knowl·edge | \ˈnä-lij\  : information, understanding, or skill that you get from experience or education. awareness of something : the state of being aware of something

Power | noun | pow·er often attributive | \ˈpa(-ə)r\   : ability to act or produce an effect (2) :  ability to get extra-base hits (3) :  capacity for being acted upon or undergoing an effect .

{Source: Merriam-Webster Dictionary online}

Many people have used the phrase Knowledge is Power to encourage their close ones or a group of people they are speaking to get an education. In this instance, I mean education as in the broader process of acquiring knowledge. And as someone who can claim to be educated, I do admit that there is a certain power with knowing. Just by looking at the definition of the word power, there is an underlying implication of knowing. Knowledge is definitely powerful.

And I have lost some people 2 sentences ago! Some people are now thinking about all the movies, script, or individuals they know that are unaware of the powers they possess – usually in the context of emotional powers (insert every girl or guy who could disarm you with a smile or issues that always tug at your heart-strings). This scenario is perfectly placable and more common that people give it credit for. Why?, the control of power is not always in the possession of the more knowledgeable individual. However, the mere act of knowing puts you in the awkward and sometimes disheartening position where an action has an undermining or uplifting effect on you.

Herein comes the blissfulness of being ignorant. When one does not know what they are missing, when they have no understanding or the capacity to appreciate the value or presence of an event, an action, an item, they are in a state of complete happiness. You are content! and everyone around you who is aware, who is knowledgeable envies the blissfully ignorant because the mere thought of such utter ignorance, of compete bliss has the power to make you pessimist, it has the power to make you doubt your ways of life. So you attempt to educate the blissful ignorant, thereby ruining their state of complete happiness as they are now very aware of the void their lack of knowing has left in someone else. They become aware of the powers they possess to make changes; powers which can sometimes be so minutely felt that it would have been better to be blissfully ignorant.

The story does not stop there, the ignorant is now knowledgeable and the knowing fellow now satisfied to have educated the ignorant of the errors of their ways. The sheer unpredictability of life has just made the ignorant knowledgeable and the knowledgeable ignorant since the knowing individual has being failed to understand the concept of life – the act of knowing does not translate to things going the way they should or you want them to.

So then, who is the knowledgeable and who is the ignorant ones? Should we all live in an evolving state of blissfully with power being passed through mere interaction with one another with none the wiser.


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