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One of the UK’s emerging Natural Hair and Skin Care brands, Hug My Hair, has launched a
brand new Hair Care Line – 4Complete Coily Care. The range aims to offer the essential 4
steps to healthy hair, cleansing, hydrating, moisturising and sealing.

Dalilah Baruti, Founder and Manufacturer of the UK brand, explains: “When I made my first
formula for myself in my kitchen I never dreamt that within a year or two that I’d have my
own brand with eight products in my line, 1000+ Facebook fans, 1,500+ twitter followers and
a studio full of ingredients and packaging materials. All I ever wanted was to grow and retain
the length of my natural hair, naturally and I’m so grateful to be able to inspire others to do
the same. I tend to cover my hair the majority of the time – for religious reasons, so styling
products were not my priority concern, I care about enabling growth, promoting health and
maximising retention, and my products do just that.”

Hug My Hair is planning to launch additional formulas of shampoos focusing on dry to
normal hair, as well as a number of body butters and lip balms later in the year. The
4Complete Coily Care range is available to buy now at http://www.hugmyhair.com.
Dalilah Baruti has been mixing-up natural and organic cosmetics for her handmade products
brand since its launch in 2013. When Dalilah suffered traction alopecia from wearing hair
extensions and overusing chemical relaxers, she set out on a mission to remain natural and
create her own line of 100% natural products to encourage growth and retain length. Her
products are suitable for those with naturally curly hair and Afro hair and are currently crafted
by her hands alone, using the most natural ingredients. By avoiding harsh chemicals and
synthetics, Hug My Hair brings cosmetic production back to (the loveliest) basics.

Most products are available in:

Regular (100g) – £12.00

Sample (30g) – £3.60

Order at http://www.hugmyhair.com

Dalilah on “How to hug your hair”

If this is the first time you’ve used a shampoo bar or hair butter, it couldn’t be simpler…

Step 1 – Section your hair into 4 – 6 twists

Step 2 – Untwist and wash one section at a time with the shampoo bar in the palm of your
hand, simply rub into damp hair to foam, massage, detangle rinse then re-twist

Step 3 – Pat your hair dry after cleansing, then undo each section one at a time, dabbing
your finger in the hair butter, rubbing to melt between your fingertips then

smooth through each area one by one from root to tip. Alternatively spray with multi-seed
hair oil and re-twist.
Step 4 – Once dry, untwist and style as usual. Topping up with Hair’negy Hydrating Hair
Spritz for added moisture when needed and Multi-seed hair oil for extra shine and softness
Step 5 – Love your hair!

Top tip: All hair butters are to be used as sealants, to lock the moisture in after
washing/spritzing so it is advised that these butters be used in damp hair only. Concentrating
on the ends of your hair will aid retention, as these are the oldest and most fragile parts of
your hair, they are the most likely to break!

Extra tip: Hug My Hair Hair Butters are 100% natural and are therefore fine to use on the
skin, one customer particularly likes to use it on her cracked heels!

*4Complete Coily Care products:


Because Olive You

Palm Down!…

Shea Truth

Seal n’ Shine

Hair’negy Hydrating Hair Spritz

Multi-seed Hair Oil

Coconut Cleanse Shampoo Bar

Ltd Edition: Super-foods Mango & Broccoli Shampoo Bar (you can purchase this at
Spitalfield’s Market on 22nd February, and the WITJ Natural Hair and Beauty Show on Bank
Holiday 5th
May 2014. See the events page at http://www.hugmyhair.com/events for more

About Dalilah:

Dalilah sources her ingredients, the staple being organic unrefined and Fairtrade shea butter
direct from farmers and small businesses; never tests products or ingredients on animals;
uses 100% recyclable or biodegradable materials where possible; and is handmade to order.
For more information, visit http://www.hugmyhair.com.

Contact Information

Dalilah Baruti



Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HugMyHair

Twitter: @HugMyHair

Instagram: http://instagram.com/hugmyhair#

Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/hugmyhairco/


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