Africans don’t live in mud huts

Okay so I was just on Facebook trolling before I shut my eyes (yes! Like every other 21st century sleep-deprived youth) and came across this image


It instantly took me to my first year of uni (and some conversation I still have with new friends till today), trying to explain what life in Africa is really like. To be honest I am honestly very surprised at so many of misconceptions but I can’t help but laugh at some people’s silent horror that majority of Africans don’t actually live in mud huts . It’s even worse for those who travel to African countries and get an unexpected culture shock because they didn’t expect Internet, washing machines, race tracks, malls and Apple stores on Africa.

Having said this, I look forward to dispelling my instructed misconceptions about many Asian, Caribbean and American States /countries (hint: you can sponsor my future travelling addiction)