Day 1 : New yoga mat + happy days ahead

You cannot imagine the horror and panic I was subjected to yesterday morning – all because my research project was due. Although it is only 5000 words long, it was as painful as writing a 15000 word dissertation!!! Not only did I submit my work on time with no plagiarism (well 6% from my coversheet and the word “population” “wages”), I managed to get the exact word count for the +\- 10% …. yes!!! The excitement in my life comes from word counts and tittle analysis. Get over it, I am a postgraduate research student

More happy news!!!!!

my new yoga mat came in the post having been harassed by the concierge to take it before I left for uni to submit my research project, I had to carry it to uni with me and ended up doing a very merry break time yoga in the middle of our finance lecture (yes we roll like that). Anyways yoga mat is here and I have no excuse for not exercising. So here are my day one stats

weight 68.8kg, waist 30inches

and my goals are

weight 55kg (by June) and waist 28, and a freaking flat stomach!!!

I will keep you updated but I can tell you this is definitely going to be a struggle.

Checkout my new yoga mat below- £6.49 from amazon with free shipping
Link to buy