My Journey to University

Today, I had to write a narrative about my journey to university for a refresher course as a student ambassador at my uni and this is the draft I wrote.

Unlike most ambassadors here today, QM is actually second university – and I do not meansecond choice. However, this is to be expected of someone doing their third degree spanning over 3
different subject areas (that is, if you exclude my 2 year dabble into medicine). And since I have been
told to give a narrative into my journey to university, I have decided to talk about my journey to QM; as it is by far more interesting. My journey here, standing in front of you today has
been filled bad news, more bad news, pep talks over home cooking and lots of random one-man flash mobs in class.

I was officially diagnosed with Chronic migraines in 2011; which thankfully is not a life threatening illness but it is definitely life altering. In the midst of brain scans, drug trials and part-time jobs to keep my finances alive, I went from being top of my game to “I’d just be happy to graduate alive”.
This was not helped by the mean HR lady who told me I would not get a pass grade at university neither would I get into Investment Banking. I had tomake a tough decision make – drop out of university for the time being and go back home or continue at university without support knowing
the highest grade I would achieve was a 2.2. I choose the 2.2, knowing it take lots of emotional bribery and a miracle to get where I wanted to be. And come August 2013, I got a miracle in form of
a last minute application to do a graduate diploma at QM. Why? They were willing to work around my medical history, giving me support and academic freedom to excel within a challenging environment.

So 1 half-sob, 20 chocolate soufflés, 46 in-class dance acts and 201 hugs of support later, I stand
proud before you as the perfect 4.0 GPA student doing an MSc in one of the best Universities a student can hope for. Oh, and I did get into investment banking


2 thoughts on “My Journey to University

  1. So proud of you Mjay. I’ve learned that what others say about me is not who I am. I also experienced a serious medical issue during my degree which made me miss some exams and I was so afraid I wouldn’t graduate but God saw me through and I have my degree. Keep going strong! 🙂


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