Fancy lunch cheat sheet

Okay. I know we have all been there ; you are craving a really good lunch – dim sum, chinese, Italian, French and the list goes on BUT you are either too broke or chained to your desk to indulge in the ultimate lunch. So here are some of the ways I cheat at a fancy meal

I cannot stress how much this simple trick makes eating lunch so much more stress-free for me. It means I can have my lunch ready in 5-10 mins (at work ) and enjoy the rest of the hour eating or reading a good book.
So look into your fridge and think of what you may fancy having for the week on Sunday. Prepare one or more type of salad (my faves bases are couscous and spicy cucumber) and portion these in little pots. Then make use of all that left over Sunday roast, potatoes and veg. You can make a variety of things from pulled pork to veg and potato cakes.
You can also make your pancake mix ahead and even fry then (they are better thin, crepe sizes) and pop them in the fridge as well. Wraps works just as well.
But tiny jars for condiments and sauces. Baguettes, crackers (or bread biscuits) as they work well as basis of a good snack.
Portion any other bits you like. Fruits, chicken, pudding – yes you can even enjoy a. Sticky toffee pudding at work.

Suggested recipes to follow over the next few days with a new lunch recipe bring published every Tuesday


So I ate broccoli today

You would think eating broccoli is not a big deal (once you’re over the age of 10 that is) but when you are someone who convinced herself at the age of 4 that they were evil then using an episode of powerpuff girls as evidence it is in fact a HUGE deal. In the 21 years of my existence, I do not remember consciously or unconsciously eating any form of broccoli – and boy did they try to get into my system in tasty quiche form.
Well, the moral of the story is that it is never too late to try something that terrifies you! You may look silly doing it, you may even not recognise yourself doing it BUT boy would you be smiling when you’ve got a new achievement under your belt – no one can call you crazy for being brave