I am single cuz I’m nice aka Boys are a mass of contradiction

Its bad enough when people half your age have better love-lives than you do but when your love-life sucks because YOU ARE TOO DAWN NICE that just burns. Let’s be honest here, I think I’m a nice person but not scarily nice that I heavens forbid undateable – which is why I was perplexed to be dumped and then told you are nice, you’d find someone else.

If you didn’t know said ex of mine, here is a sum up of how I became awestruck at my latest (mis)fortunate.

So le boo wasn’t looking to meet any girl but had an open mind in case he met a NICE girl along the way (as I write this, Ii question the last part of my statement). However, he was shocked to find said niceness in a short (black) Nigerian girl and truth be told he thought said girl would become a scary version of herself once the relationship became official. 7 months, a few fights, one missed family meeting, 1 breakup and the chase that ensued (that’s a story for another day) later, the girl i.e. ME was still considerably nice. Then came a business trip to Nigeria (him not me),  night of uneventful conversation (mainly cuz i was ill) and BAM!!! You are hereby dumped (again) because you are nice enough to get someone else.

So herein lies my confusion! if you want a nice girl but then you dump her cuz she is nice!!! I was always told women are a mass of contradiction but I didn’t know MEN ALREADY HELD THE FIRST PLACE PRIZE for that category. women at least give you months of signs and notice of their impending bomb-shell.


So please can someone enlighten me on the dangers of being nice in a relationship because I am now not afraid to tell ladies in good faith that they shouldn’t be too shy to thrown in a few scary moments into their relationships if they want to keep their man. 


6 thoughts on “I am single cuz I’m nice aka Boys are a mass of contradiction

    • Thank you so much. Your words make me feel so much better – “wherever we go, we find ourselves”

      Thanks and all the best 🙂


  1. I probably shouldn’t be laughing! That was so out of the blue though. Keep being you- a naturally kind person and I’m 100% sure you’ll meet someone who will appreciate you for just that. Hey! you’re still young, plenty of fish in the sea 😀


    • To be fair I couldn’t stop laughing at the irony of my situation. So please laugh with me cuz humour makes life so much easier to live 😉


  2. Moj moj….everyone’s time comes eventually. Don’t sweat it…though i do agree that 100% niceness may not be very practical 😉 Love the blog!


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