Ever After

Many a times, I sit wondering if there is such as thing as Happy Ever After. I just don’t mean the one you see on TV with Cinderella and all the other Disney characters – I mean real life happy ever after. Let’s be honest this is not the newest topic on planet earth but I’m quite fascinated by happily ever afters. Some people say yes they are happy ever afters whilst some adamantly protest against the very notion of happy ever afters.
I am of the opinion that we go through life in a series of happy ever afters. Frankly the notion of having just one happy ever after is just too depressing to think-I will like to think I would live my life with many many happy moments. But really what counts as a happy ever after – by its most popular definition it means finding love in another person BUT is that all there is to it. What if I am one of the unlucky ones and never find love, does that mean I don’t have a happy ever after? Does pursuing a career and wealth stop me from finding love another person?
Well, I think not! I will live my life with many many happy ever afters because I have decided to mark the end of every happy phase in my life at the end of the story. Think you it as the series 24 – the characters always change every season but the constant are Jack Bauer and Chloe O’Brian – I am the one constant in my life and everyone else just moves along. I have happy days and I have bad days but in the end I will relish in the thought that I will had many happy days by the time I’m gone.


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