Awesome reason to STILL have children

Okay, so it came to my attention that 21st century men and women would rather have pets (I.e dogs and cats) as opposed to having children. Why????
Come on people, there are a million and one reasons to still get knocked up and pop out some minions. Everything from being more likely to get a seat on the tube/train to having your own personal dishwasher that doesn’t use up electricity. I mean in China being pregnant gives you wifi (see picture below). You could even have your own hand-free for your mobile phone while you kick back to watch the movie he:she has tuned in for you!!! Throwing up and eating huge meals would be totally acceptable. And the much needed afternoon nap would be welcomed and even encouraged.
So why aren’t people planning to have babies



9 thoughts on “Awesome reason to STILL have children

  1. Lol you’re talking about pregnancy not actually raising children which are 2 completely different things. Reason not to have babies: There are so many orphaned ones in the world, why not adopt instead of adding to an already loopy generation? 🙂


    • It would be awesome if people were adopting but some of the people who don’t want kids actually give up their children for an easier life enjoying night outs and walking pets!

      Even more sad is that many people feel uncomfortable adopting children because of the stigma (and superstition in the case of African and Southern American countries)


      • 😦
        I was looking forward to mini Eniolas

        But I like that you would gladly adopt a girl somewhere hoping for a better life


      • LOL I’m just not into the whole pregnancy thing at all. It freaks me out like crazy! Plus I’m not keen on bringing another human being into this world when there are so many unloved babies. My aunt recently adopted and he’s so cute!


      • Haha I know what you mean… I am more freaked out by the whole marriage thing which was why I was set on adopting and if I can’t adopt, I would foster kids or pay their way through to university level

        I have had 3 foster siblings and I love then so much that it’s hard to believe we aren’t related by blood


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