Men are the Inferior sex

Yes! you read the title correctly and NO this isn’t a feminism or men-hating post (plus why would I hate men, they make good eye candy and provide endless hours of girl chat time). This is in fact me sharing an interesting conversation I had with a Male.

As every red-blooded female would tell you, it is very frustrating when the men in their lives tell them what to do – simply because the know what is best for them. It even ticks them off more when the men believe they know whats right because they feel superior and women are supposed to be the inferior sex.

Well Guess again. I have been told by previously mentioned wise old male that men only feel the need to control women and feel “superior” because they are in fact the Inferior sex! If like me you have a frown on your face trying to figure this out then this next statement would probably make more sense. He said, “well missy, don’t you think the fact God created man first meant he did a better job the second time round”.

so there you have it in the words of unnamed wise man, Men are the inferior sex. Think of that the next time your men tell you they are right (except of course when they are :p)


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