Feminist’s dilemma over this sexist restuarant

Feminism - sexism


I love this picture for so many reasons! It helps show so many people who ask me if I am Feminist or not – the answer being I am not your definition of Feminist because I would honestly like cheaper Car Insurance and some other special treatment (like shopping discounts), so I don’t class myself as a true feminist. 

But the picture above is an answer to some people’s cries that a woman’s only place is not in the Kitchen!!! – right?! but also some would say this is sexist as only the MEN are allowed work in this particular kitchen. Which is in essence a discrimination against the women who may want to work here. But hey! you can’t have it all

To be fair I don’t think a whole lot of women work in commercial kitchens – I find it is mostly men who are the chefs but man the women head chefs I have had the pleasure of dining at their establishment can cook a storm.

so guys, tell me what you think – Is this SEXIST or a step in favour of FEMINISM


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