Lazy days and more

I hope I am not the only one that stays home (sometimes for a few days) simply because I don’t want to get dressed. The effort of getting dressed to go out is so over-rated! I would rather take a nice lavender scented bath before changing into a short loose dress – all before costing up alone in front of my tv watching Bridget Jones and the like portraying some aspects of my life via film. I can only think of two phenomena to explain this
A – I am totally anti-social butterfly who does not relish the thought of mingling with the outside world. Even more sad is the fact that it has nothing to do with living in an expensive city where I can barely afford to enjoy (YET) because I stayed in a lot when I lived in a small city (more like a village). On the other hand, I have had plenty a time to practice cooking gourmet meals (like the mussel with chilli and lime I plan on having for dinner tonight), plenty of time to assess my life decisions (whether I really need or want a boyfriend) and even read tons of books without my flat overflowing – thank you iBooks!!!
B – I am a lazy sod who is too cynical to exercise therefore I stay indoors and watch crime thrillers and romcoms as opposed to bring happy and excitable like everyone perceives me.

Either ways I foresee many lazy days ahead (after I read for and finish writing my exams and before my internship starts – provided my contract shows up sometime soon).

Enjoy your bank holiday weekend and expect a recipe tomorrow



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