Do you love me…

One can only imagine the agony of asking the heavily ladened questions of “Do You Love Me? but one can but hope the answer to such a question will be a resounding “hell yeah!” from the one you love (or so you think). However, what are you to do when the reply you receive is laced with hesitation and a questioning gaze. You know you should have not asked if you were not ready to face the answer but now that you have, Do you play the fair maiden in distress and weep your eyes out, or ponder into the night wondering what could have been or do you simply accept the answer as it is – a NO.
Or is it?! The hundreds of drama movies you have seen definitely tells you that hesitation or deflection simply means no but they care enough to stay with you But by god, all the romcom have only taught you that fear = hesitation and love is very scary. But who are Hollywood directors and playwrights to dictate the direction of your life! You think of all the times these movies have failed to prepare you for real life – your real life. But then again, they have taught you so much about yourself and dealing with your life.
You think and think and think….all in the pregnant pause it took to answer the question “Do You Love Me?”


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