Sour relationships

Being terribly young (so people say), I can be extremely naive when it comes to several things – relationships included. I sometimes follow the if it was meant to be it would be paradox or the relationships is a little compromise and a whole lot of love approach ; none of which has any scientific evidence to back them up. However, what fascinates me the most is when in see people in what appears to be love-less  (and frankly emotionally abuse relationships) I wonder, Why do this to yourself? 

So far all I have been told is that in life, you have to give a little to get a little back. well, in these cases it almost seems someone is giving a lot and has nothing but a relationship status to show for it. When a guy or gal pours their heart and soul into a relationship, shouldn’t that be enough? I have honestly seen people give up their identity or some of their beliefs because they believe when you love someone, you think about the person more than yourself. but why do they have to give up who they are to please their partner or stay in a relationship. If love is really selfless, why can’t their partner do the same for them and allow their flaws, their identity, their beliefs or at least accept and love them for who they are. Wasn’t that the person you fell in love with in the first place? It makes me think that sometimes people do not fall in love with the person, they fall for who they can make the person become – which are two different things. yes, i know you can love someone and still make them someone else but not someone totally different up to a point where they feel worthless and in-fact grateful to only you for managing to love them.

But perhaps I am seeing thing wrong! When does one decide that a relationship has gone sour and past its expiration date? is it when they no longer say “I love you” or when the name calling and swearing starts. Should you just leave or should you fight for what you saw in the first place?

I am interested to know what people think. Please leave your comments below


5 thoughts on “Sour relationships

    • Fair point. But What if the fear of being alone is just too much for you? For some people being in a relationship on itself is reward enough to risk everything else.


      • When you give yourself time to be alone, you’ll realize how great it is. One does not need to be attached all the time. There is freedom and fun in being single 🙂 Or atleast, that’s how I feel. After a while, you’ll know what you really want in a guy.


      • Finally someone who gets my rational for enjoying being single (now newly single again as of yesterday).
        I find that people discover so much more about themselves that they would not otherwise have know.

        Thanks Jeyna


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